House Cleaning Tips During Flu Season

The winter season has a charm of its own. Spending quality time with loved ones, snuggled up warm and cozy indoors. In fact, lots of time is spent indoors with windows and doors tightly shut to keep the frigid air out. As cozy as it is, it does come with some clear disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is the easy spread of germs amongst family members, leading to flu season. With less fresh air circulating in the home, dust, air pollutants, and germs tend to stay inside and settle everywhere in the home. Through heating, these molecules are spread throughout the home, increasing the risk of illness. To stay ahead of flu season and fight off germs, you need to adjust your cleaning routine and include sanitizing surfaces and frequently touched items. These can include door handles, light switches, chairs, remotes, phones, and more.

The cleaning and sanitizing routine will need to be repeated regularly to prevent the spread of germs. No to mention the additional house cleaning duties that are required during the winter season, due to dirt, mud, and snow being brought in continuously during this time. These duties need to be added to your already packed daily schedule. Sounds daunting? Why not consider hiring affordable and professional house cleaning services this winter. Euro House Cleaning Services is a great example of a cost effective and reliable cleaning company you can call on for regular or once-off cleaning services.
Learn more about how to keep your home clean and germ-free this winter, including areas that require special attention. We have also included a handy tip that can help to drastically reduce your house cleaning time.


Winter is upon us and with that comes the inevitable flu season. You want to keep your home clean and germ-free, but we often forget to sanitize our cleaning tools.

During the house cleaning process, make sure to use freshly cleaned tools. Tools or cleaning materials that may have been contaminated with flu germs, need to be discarded or sanitized. To stop the spread of germs, avoid using possible contaminated mops or cleaning materials in other parts of the house.

For households making use of a professional maid service or a residential house cleaning service, ensure that any tools that are brought into the home have been disinfected. Euro House Cleaning Services recognizes the importance of preventing cross-contamination. For this reason, our cleaners make use of the available cleaning materials inside the home. Use the Euro House Cleaning Services app to arrange affordable house or office cleaning services quickly and easily.

Homes differ and so do the germs that live in each. You do not want tools used in one home to introduce foreign bacteria into another, especially during flu season.

Making sure your cleaning tools and materials aren’t contributing to contaminating your home is part of keeping it clean. Whether you make use of bathroom cleaning services or full house cleaning services, it’s best to have the cleaners use your own tools, just like Euro
House Cleaning Services does. We put you and your health first.


For those that work full time, the last thing you want to do when you come home after a long day is to muster the energy for a house cleaning session. Unfortunately, regular and targeted cleaning is the most effective way of keeping germs and pathogens at bay.


You can reduce the pressure you put in yourself by planning and scheduling certain areas to be cleaned at certain times. This will prevent you from spending too much time cleaning and forgetting to live life. It will also prevent you from rushing through the tasks, causing you to do a shoddy job. Schedule which areas you will clean when and clean your home thoroughly, but in bitesize chunks.
Another great alternative is to make use of the Euro House Cleaning Services app to schedule a professional cleaner to take care of the house cleaning for you. You can arrange weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services for your home, making use of this handy app. It really comes down to whether you prefer to work for hours cleaning your home or ordering professional and affordable residential or commercial cleaning services with a simple click of a button.


It is best to have assistance on standby in case the flu strikes your home unexpectedly. Your schedule doesn’t have to be disrupted during this time. Through the Euro House Cleaning Services app, you can book an immediate cleaning service or schedule one in advance.
Get the Euro House Cleaning Services app, which is the only app that offers both scheduled and immediate cleaning services at a great price. We will have a cleaner at your door in one hour or less. Let us take care of the cleaning, while you care for and comfort your loved ones.

Accumulation of dirt and germs can be prevented with a regular and professional residential house cleaning service. Trained cleaners will make sure to clean even the hard-to-reach places and effectively get rid of stubborn dirt. They know exactly what to clean, how and when, leaving your home sparkling clean and sanitized. You will have more time available for other important tasks if you let us take the cleaning duties off your shoulders.

When considering the option of hiring professional house cleaning services, consider not only the costs involved, but also the added benefits. Fighting off flu symptoms can be exhausting. If you are not feeling your best, what a relief it must be to come home to a beautifully cleaned home. Consider furthermore what you could be doing with all the extra time you gain when house cleaning is no longer an issue for you.


Spending more time indoors during the winter season will likely result in the creation of bacteria hotspots. Cleaning frequently touched surfaces, items and spaces is something that would be required often to prevent the spread of germs. This is however the price we need to pay for maintaining a healthy and happy home environment. Let us assist you by pointing out the areas that require additional attention during the flu season:


During winter, your home’s entrances/exits tend to be the messiest places in the home. These areas see the most concentrated traffic and with snow, salt, and dirt constantly being brought in, it can quickly become unsightly. Not to mention the damage this can cause to your floor. Make sure to put down enough mats to protect your floors and make cleaning easier. Washing the mats from time to time is a much easier approach compared to constantly cleaning the floor.


Most folks keep their kitchen counters clean as a standard throughout the year. This however becomes a lot more important during flu season. The kitchen is often the heart of the home and a high traffic area. Germs can easily spread through touching counters, faucets, and handles, putting you family’s health at risk

Make sure to regularly disinfect all frequently touched areas in the kitchen. Should any of your family members exhibit cold or flu symptoms, try to keep them out of the kitchen and rather serve them food in their room. On the Euro House Cleaning Services app, you can easily select specific and affordable cleaning services required, such as dishes or oven cleaning. Thanks to the app, keeping your kitchen clean couldn’t be easier.


Some items or places in the home are touched or handled more frequently than others. Make sure to give extra attention to the following, this flu season:

  • All Remote Controls
  • Phones or smart devices
  • Computer keyboard and mouse
  • Soap dispensers (always touched with the dirtiest hands)
  • Bathroom fixtures like faucet handles
  • All light switches
  • Door handles, keys, and locks
  • Drawer handles and knobs
  • Railings and stair banisters
  • Flushing handles

These frequently touched items can be full of germs. Especially when someone is ill, everything they come into contact with can become infected. By concentrating on these
items and areas, you can keep your home clean and stop any virus from spreading.


A tidy and comfortable home is something that everyone appreciates. It promoted health and happiness, and this is something that is important to all of us. If you are overwhelmed with all the work required to keep your home clean and tidy, you can always turn to a cleaning app to assist you.

Euro House Cleaning Services offers affordable and reliable residential or commercial cleaning services. Make use of the Euro House Cleaning Services app to make your winter house cleaning easy and stress free. We will take care of your home cleaning and via the app you can specify extra services for areas you would like us to pay special attention to. Stay safe this flu season with the Euro House Cleaning Services. Use a professional company that offers cleaning services Des Plaines. Contact us and we will clean for you!

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