Should You Do Some Cleaning Before The Cleaner Arrives?

You look around at the chaos that is your house and you are not surprised as the cleaner is only coming tomorrow. This is the whole reason you decided to get a cleaner in the first place, right.
But will it not be embarrassing to have someone walk into this mess? Should I not try to create some order and tidy it up a little? Surely the cleaner will be able to do the detailed cleaning of my home if they have less tidying to do. The proper deep clean of my house is what I want and is what I am actually paying the maid service for. Will I be wasting my money if I do not tidy up first?
These are some of the questions that homeowners struggle with and constantly debate. Some might not know exactly what the house cleaning services they selected includes while others might be worried about what impression the cleaner might have of their family and home. Maybe they just want to make the most out of their money spent.
It does not matter the reason really, if you are asking yourself these same questions then this blog is for you.

Help Your Cleaning Lady To Help You
You want to and should leave the heavy and tough cleaning tasks to the professional cleaners and you should allow for this to be their main focus. This means that you should tidy up by simply putting things back where they belong. It is much easier and quicker for you anyway since you know where it all goes.
Clear items from the floor as this enables the cleaner to vacuum more efficiently so they can get to the other cleaning tasks.
Tidy and neaten the countertops and sort out all the mail, school papers, and miscellaneous items lying around.
Your cleaner might be more than qualified and experienced to pick up, pack away and sort out each room, but if they spend a lot of time doing this, they will have less time to spend on the major cleaning you need.
All the time they spend picking up, is time that could have been better spent cleaning especially if the cleaner is paid by the hour. When you are paying by the hour you want your cleaning services to focus on what you do not want to clean in an efficient and quick manner. Let your cleaner focus and handle the strenuous cleaning duties so get your family to pick up after themselves.

It is advised to have written instructions prepared detailing what you would like your cleaner to focus on, especially if it is the first time the cleaner is at your home. This makes it easy for your cleaner to understand what to do and what is essential and should be prioritized.

What can you do before the house cleaner arrives?
Clear out the clutter. Give your house cleaner a bit of a head start, so that instead of spending time packing away toys or collecting clothes, they can pay attention to sweeping floors, cleaning the baseboards and such.
This way you make sure that the cleaner spends the bulk of their time actually cleaning instead of organizing your home. There is a big difference between a professional organizer and a cleaner, believe it or not.
Limiting the amount of organizing that your cleaner needs to do will also ensure that your personal property will not be moved out of place, broken, misplaced or stolen. It is always important to contract a dependable and trustworthy cleaner.
Clean a little only. Do some easy cleaning before the cleaner gets there. Little tasks such as washing and packing away all the dishes. Having a clear sink will make it easier for the cleaner to scrub and clean the sink and your kitchen will not look finished and spotless.
There are some tasks that are not included in your house cleaning service that your cleaner cannot be expected to do such as washing the dishes, doing your laundry, and washing windows. If you do however need assistance with similar additional tasks, you could ask the cleaner if they would be willing to assist. You should prepare yourself to pay extra for these tasks that are more than is normally included in this service.
You should also note that a house cleaner cannot be held responsible for moving heavy furniture pieces around. Most house cleaners are not prepared to lift or move anything that weighs over 30 pounds. This is not due to their unwillingness but more about the limitations their insurance places on them. The handling of heavy furniture can increase the likelihood for hurt backs, damaged tendons, and pulled muscles. You will have to provide assistance to have any heavy furniture items moved if you want the cleaner to clean under them. You will of course also have to assist with the return of the heavy furniture to its original spot. Providing assistance is an easy alternative to this potential problem.
It is always best to find a safe area for your pets for their safety and protection while cleaning is in progress. Keeping your children from interfering with the cleaner will also speed things up.

What to expect from a house cleaning service

There are a few things to keep in mind when you opt for a standard cleaning service. This service does not for instance include cleaning things like the inside of the refrigerator, washing dishes, washing windows, doing laundry, and so on.
The following are standard cleaning tasks you can expect a house cleaner to do:
· Clean and disinfect doorknobs and light switches
· Clean and disinfect surfaces
· Clean and disinfect the sink
· Clean and disinfect toilets inside and out
· Clean kitchen table
· Clean microwave inside and out
· Clean, disinfect, and shine outside of the refrigerator
· Clean, disinfect, and shine showers and tubs
· Dust and clean mirrors
· Dust blinds and window sills
· Dust cabinets, door panels, and baseboards
· Dust furniture
· Dust lamp and lampshades
· Dust pictures frames
· Empty all trash
· Make beds
· Remove cobwebs
· Vacuum and mop floors

In the event that you are home during the scheduled cleaning service our cleaning team will clean around you happily so you can continue with your normal day. If you are not home our team will take professional care while cleaning your house so you can enjoy your time and day. Our teams will spend the required time to provide you with the results you expect. Use a professional company that offers cleaning services Des Plaines. Contact us and we will clean for you!

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