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Ricardo AdamsRicardo Adams
07:56 03 May 23
I love this maid service. They always clean my house to perfection. I don't even have to ask them to do anything specific. It's like they just know what I want! I was looking for someone reliable and affordable, and they are exactly what I wanted.
Chelsea ToddChelsea Todd
17:23 28 Apr 23
This company is a game-changer for me. They clean my entire home in no time. I don't have to worry about dust or clutter and I can fully focus on my work and my kids. I couldn't ask for more.
John HallJohn Hall
17:49 27 Jan 23
The cleaners are very professional and the house is spotlessly clean after their visit. I use this company regularly and am very satisfied. The good thing is that they have their own cleaning products and the necessary equipment. I would recommend it.
Raymond BarnettRaymond Barnett
07:44 07 Nov 22
My job required more hours and my house was suffering. I’m so glad I hired this team, they have worked for me for over 4 months now and I would like to recommend them!
Isha SpencerIsha Spencer
01:08 21 Feb 22
One of the best house cleaning service in Naperville. The maids were very professional and nice. They wore appropriate protection due to sanitary issues in this pandemic. I will consider calling their maids service weekly.
Ola MurdockOla Murdock
19:15 02 Jul 20
It has been such a run around looking for the right cleaning services in Naperville. I was so happy that my assistant recommended your office cleaning services to us. Your staff was very friendly, and they pay attention to details. They always arrive on time and always leave our offices spotlessly clean.
Red DragonRed Dragon
19:39 09 Oct 17
I had been considering hiring someone for house cleaning for quite some time, but did not think it was within my means. Upon finding this wonderful company, I know that was not the case. They were super affordable and did a great job cleaning my home. It was well worth the money. Now, I don’t have to stress about cleaning. I can come home and relax. They’re friendly, professional, efficient, and prompt. What more could you want from a cleaning service? I will never go back to cleaning by myself.
Yesenia UriosteguiYesenia Uriostegui
22:29 25 Sep 17
I found the best house cleaning services around. I am sure of it. They did an amazing job getting my house clean for my special event. I was having family over and had no time to clean, so I decided to hire this company. They were very professional and friendly as well as flexible to schedule. I loved their work so much that I think I am going to make their cleaning services a regular thing. If you need house cleaning services, you will love their work. Spotless and affordable.
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Des Plaines Cleaning Services | House Cleaning Euro Team Group

Your Home, Office and Commercial Cleaning Services in Des Plaines Area

Welcome to Euro House Cleaning Services & Maid Services Des Plaines, IL. Since 2002 we have been providing highest quality house cleaning services and office cleaning in Des Plaines & surrounding West and South-West Chicago suburbs. Cleaning services performed by our maids and house cleaners are not only top class, but also offered at affordable rates. Euro Clean Group strives to go the extra mile so that you are pleased with our house cleaning service and the quality of our work. We take pride in our reputation and the quality of our work reflects this.


At Euro Clean Group, our goal is to provide you with the best house cleaning experience possible. Each one of our staff members is highly experienced and has undergone extensive training on how to clean thoroughly. Every of our cleaning teams is thorough and efficient. When we clean your home or office, Euro Clean Group guarantee sparkling clean. We are positive you will be satisfied with our house cleaning services. If you are not, we promise to address any issues immediately. Call us today for more information and a free estimate for regular cleaning (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly cleaning) or one time deep house cleaning!

We Provide Wide Range Of Des Plaines Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Des Plaines

Are you looking for reliable House cleaning services to keep your residential property spotless? Our experienced cleaners will provide you with outstanding services that will meet your unique needs. Contact us whether you need a one-time deep cleaning or regular cleaning.

Residential Cleaning Des Plaines

Are you looking for reliable House cleaning services to keep your residential property spotless? Our experienced cleaners will provide you with outstanding services that will meet your unique needs. Contact us whether you need a one-time deep cleaning or regular cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Des Plaines

Keep your office sparkling and sanitized with our commercial cleaning services Des Plaines based. Our experienced cleaners can work around your business hours and tailor cleaning plans to fit your specific needs. Daily, weekly or monthly cleaning, we will deliver a clean and comfortable workspace.

Windows Cleaning Des Plaines

Want to impress your customers or guests with sparkling clean windows? Our window cleaning services can give your home or business a polished look. Our professional cleaners use the latest techniques and equipment to provide streak-free, gleaming results.

Regular Cleaning Des Plaines

Clean your home with our residential house cleaning services. We offer flexible cleaning plans to fit your busy schedule and preferences. Our experienced cleaners can provide regular cleaning to keep your home tidy or deep cleaning to tackle tough stains and grime.

Deep Cleaning Des Plaines

Let us take care of all your cleaning needs with our deep cleaning services. Our comprehensive cleaning services can keep your residential or commercial property spotless. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs and to schedule a free estimate.

Testimonials of EURO House Cleaning Services in Des Plaines

Thanks to the services of Euro Clean Group my parents could spend more time in their beloved garden. They did not have to waste time on cleaning. Quick and efficient cleaning is a characteristic of Euro Clean Group Inc.
Sarah Kerman, Des Plaines, IL
The attitude of Euro Clean Group’s employees when it comes to working was a pleasant surprise. They were always punctual and very friendly towards me and my family. I highly recommend their services.
Carl Lane, Naperville, IL
I always found cleaning to be a tiresome and annoying chore. Fortunately, ever since I hired cleaning contractors from Euro Clean Group i no longer have to worry about cleaning my home. They services are sure to satisfy you.
Mark Paulsen, Des Plaines, IL

Looking for quality house cleaning or commercial cleaning services in Des Plaines and nearby areas? Euro Clean Group is at your service! If you want to know the cost of house cleaning, send us a free online estimate form or simply call us.


At Euro Clean Group, we are proud to offer high quality residential and commercial cleaning services for the south and southwest suburbs of Chicago. Why are we the best choice amongst cleaning services in the Des Plaines area so far? We have 15 years of experience in house cleaning and office cleaning. Our cleaners use only the best equipment. Cleaning services we provide are affordable, and very easy to book. We love to clean and we would be happy to provide you with the best house cleaning services in the area.

15 years of experience

We have 15 years of experience providing the best cleaning services Des Plaines for residential and commercial properties. Over the years we have picked up many tricks for the best possible clean.

Quality Cleaning Products

We use only the best cleaning equipment and materials to complete our cleaning services. Each piece of equipment we use is a trusted brand and is efficient and maintenance regularly.

Affordable Cleaning Pricing

We offer our house cleaning Des Plaines at very affordable rates. This allows more families to benefit from our services. Now, house cleaning is accessible to all instead of a limited few.

Easy Cleaning Schedule

Our quality cleaning services Des Plaines are very easily booked and scheduled. We have a flexible system, allowing you to get the cleaning packages you need, when you need them, every time.

Friendly Customer Service

We pride ourselves in having friendly and professional customer service. Contact us with any questions and we will be sure to provide a courteous and prompt response. Call us today!



Before we can even begin to perform routine weekly or bi-weekly maintenance cleaning on a home, there are usually a variety of „first-time” tasks which require extra attention on our first visit. Our first cleaning visit is more like a spring cleaning, or what we call a heavy, deep-cleaning. In fact, it’s not uncommon for our teams to spend from four to eight times longer on a first-time cleaning than it takes us on regular, repeat maintenance visits. While the situation in every home is unique and different, following are some examples of what we mean.


It is not unusual for us to spend as much time cleaning one bathroom on our first visit as it takes to clean the entire home on subsequent visits. For example, if we don’t spend the time and effort usually needed to get shower doors, shower-door tracks, shower and bathtub walls, bathtub surfaces, plumbing fixtures and porcelain artifices deep-cleaned, these objects will never look clean no matter how often we come. If built-up mineral rings or hard water stains are present in the commode, we do our best to bring these surfaces back to „ground zero”.


Kitchen cabinets, counter tops and appliances often require extra attention on our first visit. Grease, fingerprints and other dirt seems to make its way through everyone’s home and gravitates toward the kitchen (and seems to think that the top of the fridge is an especially good place to hide!). It doesn’t take long for kitchen dust to become impregnated with grease ~ certainly a lot more difficult to clean then a week’s accumulation of ordinary surface dust. Some clients ask us to clean the oven or inside the refrigerator on our first visit, too.


The amount of time and effort required to bring all rooms back to ground zero depends on many factors. Most of our clients hire us because they simply don’t have time to clean with more than a „lick-and-a-promise”. Perhaps no one has vacuumed behind or beneath the sofa for months (and moving furniture to clean isn’t as easy for one person as it is for a team of cleaners). Bookshelves, baseboards, window sills, windows, chandeliers or other furnishings and fixtures are often neglected for long periods of time and may require extra initial „TLC”.


At Euro House Cleaning Services, we take maid service to the highest level of professionalism. We believe that a clean home or office environment is important for efficiency, safety, and health for everyone. That’s why we provide residential house cleaning and commercial cleaning services to such high standards.
Maintaining a home or office can interfere with daily routines and affect common efficiencies requiring attention that is more suited for other tasks. It is the professional maid service provided by Euro House Cleaning Services that is designed to not only maintain your environment but also your efficient activities.


Euro Clean Group, Inc. is proud to have been serving our clients well for several years! And we are even prouder to note that these very same clients have consistently been pleased and impressed with our work! Don’t just take our word for it! Many of our clients have taken to the internet to share their positive opinions of our house cleaning services in Des Plaines on platforms such as Yelp and Google+. We have also shared several of our favorite comments in our review section here on our website. We are pleased to learn that clients past and present have viewed our services as the go to cleaning services Des Plaines residents can rely on.

Several reviews dote on our professionalism, reliability, prompt arrival times, thorough cleaning services, and consistency. We also provide highly affordable and flexible cleaning packages so that people on all sorts of timelines or budgets can come to us with their cleaning needs. If you have any questions about our cleaning packages, don’t hesitate to give us a call! And if you are in doubt about our quality, you won’t be once you read our spectacular reviews! We look forward to working with you and making your house shine!



When it comes to our cleaning services in Des Plaines, we will make sure to provide you with only the best for your residential or commercial needs. Our maid service consists of professional staff that will leave your home spotlessly clean.

Request a estimate

We provide estimates so that there wouldn’t be any surprises along the way. Our residential house cleaning and commercial cleaning services company in Des Plaines can schedule a date and time you’d like your cleaning to be done.

Book a cleaning

We want your cleaning services in Des Plaines to be convenient, which is why we have a flexible system that allows you to get the cleaning packages that you need when you need them.

Enjoy your spotless home!

Our commercial cleaning services and residential house cleaning services in Des Plaines do not only provide a clean, happy home, but we also provide a healthier home. When we’re done, you can breathe the fresh, clean air inside your home!

Euro Des Plaines House Cleaning Services & Maid Services


If you are hiring cleaners to clean your Des Plains home, allow them to do that. No pre-cleaning is necessary. Most professional cleaners have seen all kinds of mess and know what action to take to get your place spotless and sanitized.
What you can do in preparation for their arrival is tidy up and declutter. Pick up toys, books, clothes dishes and store them out the way, along with the pets. This way, when the crew arrives, they can get right to work cleaning all your uncluttered surfaces.
Upon arrival, it would be helpful to tell your cleaners some specifics you would like them to look after. For instance, did you want the fridge cleaned or the interior of your cupboards wiped down?
Make sure you provide clean linen and towels if you want them changed over. Perhaps there are areas in your home that need a little extra TLC? Let the cleaners know your priorities if they are extraordinary.
Generally, cleaning professionals have a system they work within, and you should be confident with that knowledge. Our team has been cleaning homes in Des Plains for years, and our service is well known for its quality and thoroughness.



Use a Caddy for
Your Cleaning Supplies

The most efficient way to achieve the clean you want in the shortest amount of time is to get organized first. Make sure you have all the proper tools you’ll need and keep them in a convenient caddy, bucket, or tote. This way, your house cleaning in Des Plaines will be much easier to handle without spending time looking for the items you need. Plus, you will always have them ready for your next house cleaning.

Clean the Entire Home
Instead of One Room at a Time

House cleaning in Des Plaines becomes much more efficient when you stick to a single task at a time, like dusting or mopping, and complete the entire home before moving on to the next task. This will prevent you from feeling like there is no progress made as you perform the same tasks over and over in each room. It is how the best cleaning services in Des Plaines get the job done.

Take Care
of Clutter

Before the cleaning begins, remove any clutter you find, room by room, and as you do, determine if you need the clutter at all. Perhaps it would be better to toss it or donate it before you consider putting it away. This will make your house cleaning in Des Plaines a much simpler task down the road.

and Vacuuming

Before the dusting begins, turn off all ceiling fans and clear counters and shelves for easy access. Focus on dusting the tops of furniture and the unseen undersides of shelves, handrails, picture frames, knickknacks, and electronic screens. For those difficult areas, like blinds and high shelves, use a sturdy step-stool or affix a microfiber cloth to a mop or broom handle. And make sure that your cleaning services in Des Plaines include changing the bed sheets before you begin vacuuming.

Disinfect Your Countertops
and Other Surfaces

Wipe down all the hard surfaces during your house cleaning in Des Plaines, from countertops to appliances to cabinets and doorknobs. You can even disinfect the light switches, TV remotes, and telephones as these items are touched frequently. You can make a nontoxic disinfecting solution by adding a quarter to a half cup of white or apple cider vinegar to a cup of water.

Tubs, Sinks, and Toilets
Need Special Attention

Spray your cleaner on the kitchen sink surface as well as the bathroom sinks, tubs, and toilets. Let the cleaner sit for a few minutes, giving it time to dissolve any dirt or stains. Then you can start in the kitchen with a good scrub, and don’t forget about the inside of the microwave. You will also want to ensure that your house cleaning in Des Plaines includes the garbage bins to avoid unhealthy germs or odors. Then you can move on to the bathrooms but clean the toilets last.

Euro Des Plaines House Cleaning Services & Maid Services


We offer residential and commercial cleaning services in Des Plaines to fight COVID-19 with the highest standards in the industry, guaranteed in the fastest and most effective way. Our priority is that your ambiance is safe, comfortable and provides the best solutions. A well-maintained facility or home boosts everyone’s morale and health, while also minimizing the risk of allergies, bacteria and germs.

Highly Knowledgeable Staff
Every member of our staff has been extensively trained through  sessions on how to properly disinfect homes from COVID-19.
Keeping ourselves and everyone protected is our main concern. That’s why our team is equipped with the latest personal protection equipment.

Multiple Disinfecting Services 
Our commercial and residential  cleaning services are offered in multiple areas, including full scale advanced disinfection fogging as well as with frequent cleaning and disinfection of high-risk areas like bathrooms, lobbies and waiting rooms, with the exclusive use of top certified and quality products.

Online Booking 
Schedule an appointment today for our regular (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)  or one-time cleaning services. Inquire about our special offers; it’s easy and practical.
Remember, regular disinfection and sanitization is the best way to reduce the risk and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Service area of Euro Clean Group

At Euro Clean Group, we are proud to offer house cleaning services not only in Des Plaines. We operate in west and southwest Chicago metropolitan area. Some suburbs we service include Elgin, St Charles, Geneva, Batavia, Aurora, Naperville, Schaumburg, Warrenville, Wheaton, West Chicago, and more! Our cleaning services are available for house cleaning and commercial cleaning alike. We hire only the best staff for our cleaning services and we strive to offer our high quality services at affordable prices to everyone in our service area. If you live in south or southwest Chicagoland and are interested in hiring us, be sure to reach out with any questions.

Euro’s cleaning services are available in listed suburbs:

Addison, IL; Arlington Heights, IL; Aurora, IL; Berwyn, IL; Bolingbrook, IL; Cicero, IL; Des Plaines, IL; Downers Grove, IL; Elgin, IL; Elmwood Park, IL; Hoffman Estates, IL; Medinah, IL; Mount Prospect, IL; Mundelein, IL; Naperville, IL; Niles, IL; Oak Park, IL; Palatine, IL; Park Ridge, IL; Schaumburg, IL; St Charles, IL; Vernon Hills, IL; Villa Park, IL; Warrenville, IL; Wayne, IL; West Chicago, IL; Wheaton, IL; Winfield, IL; Woodridge, IL;

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