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Serving clients since 2002, Euro Clean Group has attained a reputation for being a dependable, trustworthy cleaning service St. Charles, IL. Over the years, we have provided consistently thorough cleaning services with our teams of highly trained, expert maids and cleaners. Homeowners love our work, as our affordable services allow them to return home without having to lift a finger to clean. Find out more about our services today.

Finding cleaning services St. Charles is not an easy task—until you call Euro Clean Group. We provide a wide variety of cleaning services including commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, and window cleaning. A clean workplace are essential for mental well-being and credibility. We believe efficient cleaning services should be accessible to anyone, which is why we offer our maid services at highly affordable rates.

Euro Clean Group – professional commercial and residential cleaning in St Charles at affordable prices

Euro Clean Group’s cleaning services are very flexible. We know that everyone’s needs are different. As such, we can provide regular cleaning services on a variety of different schedules, or just the occasional as needed clean. We can also provide quick office cleaning as well. Our flexible schedule makes us one of the house cleaning services St. Charles residents love. We provide the cleaning you need, when you need it!

Whether you need a fast office cleaning, regular or occasional house cleaning St Charles, IL – Euro Clean Group can do it for you. Contact us today!

Residential House Cleaning Services St. Charles You Can Count On

Give yourself the chance to accomplish what you want by getting Euro House Cleaning Services St Charles for a clean home. After your long 12-hour workday and a train commute that ends up 30 minutes late, you don’t want to arrive at home to a daunting mess to take care of. That large stack of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, the laundry left in various places, an unmade bed, a grimy shower, and filthy floors are all standing in your way. You need our expert maid service to handle it all so you can enjoy your time. Euro House Cleaning Services St. Charles can make your floors sparkle, vacuum each and every corner, and professionally handle every mess. House cleaning is our work and you can count on us to make your life easier as an added bonus.

There is nothing better than arriving at home to a freshly cleaned house. Don’t clean the toilet, dust your furniture, or mop those floors. That’s our job. Yours is to simply relax and unwind while you enjoy your time in your most comfortable chair and curled up under a blanket. Our house cleaning services St. Charles is the gift you can give to yourself and it just keeps on giving. Call Euro House Cleaning Services today and let’s schedule your house cleaning St. Charles. Our house cleaning professionals are ready to clean your home.


Euro Clean Group provides residential and commercial cleaning services for customers St. Charles. When it comes to your cleaning needs, our house cleaning and office cleaning is the right one for you. With our 15 years of experience, we can say that we have handled it all, whether it’s a big or small space. We’re the ones that you can count. Our services are easy to book, and our prices are very affordable. We love to clean, and we are more than happy to provide you with the best possible service.

15 years of experience

Our 15 years of experience has helped us become the best cleaning services in the St. Charles area. Whether it is for your residential or commercial properties, we have it all covered.

Quality Cleaning Products

Our cleaning service St. Charles only uses the highest quality of cleaning equipment and materials to ensure the best possible outcome for your home or commercial properties. We only use trusted brands to make sure that we have effective results!

Affordable Cleaning Pricing

Our house cleaning company St. Charles offers only the most affordable rates possible. With this benefit, a lot more families can take advantage of our services, where it is accessible to all instead of a few.

Easy Cleaning Schedule

Can’t find the time to get your house cleaning done? Our cleaning services St. Charles have a flexible system which will allow you to get the cleaning services that you need anytime.

Friendly Customer Service

We take pride in our friendly and professional staff, which leads to customer satisfaction. Our house cleaning company St. Charles will ensure that your experience with us will be as smooth as possible.



Before we perform our regular weekly or bi-weekly house cleaning services St. Charles, we usually set out to complete several first-time projects that require a bit of extra care during our primary visit. So it may appear to you that our first time cleaning your home seems much like spring cleaning, although we think of it as a deep-cleaning. With that said, our first visit could end up taking four to eight times longer than any regular cleaning that comes later. But every home is different, and every client is too, so the following can give you a better indication of how we perform our professional cleaning services St. Charles.


It is certainly not unusual for our team to take roughly as much time on initial bathroom cleaning services St. Charles as we do to clean the remainder of your house during any follow-up visits. If we don’t take that extra time and effort getting shower doors, door tracks, shower and bathtub walls, bathtub surfaces, plumbing fixtures, and porcelain pieces deep-cleaned during our initial visit to your home, they will never reach that level of clean you’re looking for even with us there frequently. When we see mineral rings or hard water stains in certain areas of your bathroom, we make it our mission to get those surfaces sparkling like new again.


Kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances are difficult areas that need our greatest level of attention when we first arrive. Grease, fingerprints, and other types of dirt always tend to find their way around a home only to end up in the kitchen. And they seem to have minds of their own, thinking that it’s possible to hide on top of the fridge. It doesn’t take long for grease to make a play for that kitchen dust, making it much harder to eliminate than a week’s worth of common household surface dust that is easily cleaned during a regular visit for house cleaning St. Charles. Some clients like us to take care of cleaning the oven or inside the refrigerator during our first cleaning appointment.


The time and effort taken to handle all the rooms during a house cleaning St. Charles depend on certain factors. Most people don’t have time to clean often enough or they just can’t come to grips with having to clean. Plus, how often do you find yourself vacuuming under the sofa? We completely understand. Moving furniture around to clean is not the easiest thing to do on your own, but our crew of house cleaners St. Charles makes it simple. The tops of bookshelves, baseboards running along the walls, window sills, windows, chandeliers, or other light fixtures, and many more home features are sometimes neglected for long periods. That’s why we’re here to offer a little more TLC by our professional cleaning services St. Charles.


If you want the best maid service St. Charles, we are the ones that you can trust and rely on for your residential and commercial needs. You can rest assured that with our professional cleaning service, you will get the best of your money.

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Allow yourself a professional maid service St. Charles. Our flexible system will allow you to get the office cleaning services and house cleaning services you need, whenever you need them.

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With our maid services St. Charles, you will get the best service possible.When you have a spotlessly clean home, you will have a healthier home and breathe fresh, clean air inside your home. Having said this, you can avoid allergies and enjoy a dust-free environment.

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