Do you have plans to list your home for sale in the spring? Start preparing your home now to sell it faster. There are several things you can do to help sell your home faster.

The first steps to take are cleaning and decluttering your home. According to forty percent of realtors, home staging can significantly influence how a potential buyer perceives your property. A major factor that influences their perception is cleanliness.

We have compiled this helpful list to assist you in getting your house ready for potential buyers and sell it fast.

How to Declutter Your Home
Eliminating all the clutter is one of the simplest methods to make it easier for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there. Genuinely interested purchasers will want to inspect every part of your home, including closet shelves and cabinet space.

All of us have the desire to live in a well-organized home. One that provides adequate storage space and has a tranquil atmosphere. Have a good look around and if you find that your closet is bulging with boxes full of Christmas decorations, or your kitchen cabinets are overflowing with dishes, it’s time to start the decluttering process. You want to avoid giving potential buyers the impression that your home lacks storage space and that they will not be able to organize their belongings and lives properly.

Once you have managed to declutter your space, you will find that your closets look much bigger and even your kitchen countertops look like they are larger and have more workspace. This will be a great help in creating a positive impression for those coming to view your home.

Evaluate each item in your home and decide to either keep, pack, discard or donate them. The packed items can be kept in storage until after the sale of your home.

Here are some of the starting points for the decluttering process as suggested by Apartment Therapy:

Closets and storage spaces: These spaces will appear larger if there is less clutter present and present more free and available space.

The entrance: How would you like potential buyers to feel when they first step into your home? Make sure you clear the space and areas around the door of unused or unnecessary footwear, outerwear, and general clutter. Don’t forget to clean the welcome mat, sweep the front porch, and create an inviting setting with some plants and flowers. The front entrance is the first thing they notice, so make it count.

Hallways: Wall clutter can make the area feel smaller. Your photographs and framed art are dear to you, that is understandable, however clear walls will make the space appear larger.

Living room: The living room is a crucial area of the home and potential buyers will want this space to feel inviting and peaceful. To help create this impression, get rid of stacks of magazines, reduce the number of items on your bookshelves and remove unnecessary table decorations.

Kitchen: Just as the living room is important, the kitchen is often seen as an even more important part of the home. You will want to show your kitchen in the best possible light. We do tend to keep a lot of things in the kitchen, therefore decluttering it is crucial. Remove appliances and other extra objects from your countertops. Kitchen countertops will look larger if more of the surface is visible.
Take a bit of time to sort through all your cabinets and your pantry. Make sure you keep only the essential items. Remember to clean out the fridge as well as the cabinet under the sink. These areas easily appear cluttered.

Closets: Pack away clothing that is out of season, donate items that you no longer wear and get organized in the closets. Your closets will seem spacious when you give the clothing in your closets the chance to “breathe”.

Bathroom Clutter: There are numerous areas in the bathroom where clutter easily collects, like between countertops, cupboards, drawers, and medicine cabinets. You want to give potential buyers a chance to visualize what they would like this space to look like. Clear your shower and tub of clutter too, like extra bottles of soap, loofahs or children’s tub toys.

Laundry room: Put all cleaning items and detergents away and keep the floors pristine. Your home will seem like an easy place to live if you make it look like the chores are easy to manage and maintain.

When decluttering, just keep what is necessary to live in your house for a couple of months. In fact, it may be a good idea to hire some storage space. You will want to present your home in an uncluttered, favorable, and peaceful light so pack away all unnecessary items and put them in storage.

Deep Clean Your Home
How clean is your home really? A house that has dust bunnies floating around or smudges on light switches and walls will not be seen in the same light as a home that is sparkling clean. Houses that are dust and smudge free will seem less like high-maintenance homes or “fixer-uppers” for that matter. Add value to your home and present it as a bright and fresh place of serenity and relaxation. You will find that selling your home this way will be so much easier.
You want to deep clean your home, but where do you start? What needs to be done? To assist you with this labor-intensive task, you may want to consider hiring a company that provides professional house cleaning services, like Euro
House Cleaning Services for instance.

Here is a list that will guide you in where to start and what needs to be done.
·       Clean your interior and exterior windows
·       Carpets needs to be vacuumed and spot cleaned with carpet shampoo, where applicable
·       Baseboards, moldings, and cabinet doors need to be wiped down thoroughly
·       Wash bookshelves, shutters, and dust blinds
·       Dust all wall décor, picture frames and artwork
·       Clean kitchen appliances, especially the fridge, stove, and oven (inspect drip pans and replace if needed)
·       Dust and clean light fittings and ceiling fans
·       Shower grouting and caulking needs to be cleaned

Perform the following tasks daily to always be ready for showings:
·       Dust the upholstery and polish furniture
·       Use air freshener sparingly and stick to fresh scents
·       Sweep, mop and vacuum to keep floors and rugs clean
·       Clean bathroom mirrors and surfaces
·       Keep bedrooms tidy at all times
·       Keep the kitchen clean and don’t forget the backsplash, sink and stove
·       Take out the garbage as often as required to prevent any unpleasant odors

Move-Out House Cleaning
It’s time to move all your belongings out of the house, after the sale goes through. Once the house is empty, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly.  It is likely that you are enthusiastic about your new home and are considering all the ways you might make it feel like home. You might not have the time to clean and scrub your old home’s floor, walls, and bathrooms. Not to mention the energy for such a time consuming task.

It would be a good idea to get in the professionals. Consider hiring a company that specializes in residential house cleaning services. The process of moving is an enormous task, so let the staff at Euro House Cleaning Services assist you in lightening your load. We offer a variety of cleaning services, including thorough move-out residential cleaning services, occasional house cleaning services or a regular maid service.

We understand all that is required with the process of moving. Your to do list has several tasks that our team will gladly take care of. Whether it involves getting your home ready for showings or taking care of the cleaning after you have moved out, we are ready to assist. Let us shoulder some of the weight and free up your time to focus on other tasks. Contact Euro House Cleaning Services today for a quotation.

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