Commonly Missed Areas That a Pro Cleaner Never Misses 

It may appear simple, but there are areas people regularly miss when cleaning the office. With that said, next time you consider tidying up your office try not to miss a spot-especially these spaces people always overlook while office cleaning services Des Plaines never forgets.

Vacuuming Tight Spaces
One place that is commonly not vacuumed correctly is the edge of carpets. Other office equipment such as computers and chords may get in your way. Double check every small space behind computer motherboards because there’s generally dirt and dust found hiding in corners. For this reason make a note to always thoroughly clean the corners.
Our expert cleaning services Des Plaines team explains that best practice for this scenario is to slide machines back and unplug the cords so you can use a vacuum hose to clean all over the edges. This will lightly lift all signs of dirt, grime, and crumbs from the carpet.

Window Blinds
It’s very common for offices with blinds to not think about cleaning them. One negative side effect to this pollen build up can float in the air and congest your coworkers making them sick. There is a course of action however. Commercial cleaning services Des Plaines citizens trust prevents this issue by cleaning blinds once every month to avoid pollen accumulations and keep levels to a minimum.

Break Room Kitchenette
After eating lunch most people don’t think about wiping down tables and rinsing their dishes in the break room. However we find that during house cleaning services the most egregious habit we encounter is people forgetting to remove old food from the cabinets and refrigerator.
Make sure you always clean the kitchen area at least twice a month. Make sure your coworkers take their food home at the end of every week to avoid mildew and maybe even unexpected guests. Bathroom is another place you want to schedule regular cleaning services.

Office Furniture
It’s easy to forget about taking care of furniture during office cleanings. Only vacuuming around the perimeter of your furniture is not enough. You must throw away any garbage found on furniture and wipe them down as well. See if you find wrappers or other residue between cushions, even if you looked once, check again. Split up the work between employees so that different people are responsible for different cleaning aspects. An example is one coworker vacuums around furniture while the other wipes down surfaces.

Another measure you can take is to contract an expert maid service Des Plaines company who will take the time to make sure your professional office is spotless. If cleaning has become a problem getting experienced house cleaning Des Plaines service is your best option.
Euro Clean Group Inc. is waiting for your call. We will have your commercial office in ship shape in no time. Our dedicated contractors for residential house cleaning Des Plaines services will clean every nook and cranny to make your area glow like never before. Contact us or fill out our contact form to reach us.

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