3 Reasons Why a Weekly House Cleaning Service is Better Than a Monthly Cleaning

If you want your home to be a mirage of clean throughout the week and without the need for you to make so much physical effort, it is important that you hire the maid service of Euro Clean Group Inc. Our employees will make sure that your carpets are kept impeccable, its dust-free bookcases and diamond-polished floor. However, if you have doubts regarding our house cleaning services, here we will explain the advantages of hiring said services once or twice a week.

1. A weekly house cleaning service keeps you accountable
If you have previously worked with a house cleaning company, you may have tried as best you can to clean up the mess that was in your rooms before the staff arrived, with the goal of getting them to focus on cleaning other, more important things. Although it is something extremely understandable, it is a situation that no one wants to be in because of how uncomfortable it is.

By using a residential house cleaning service, it is crystal clear that your home will not quickly turn into a mess between frequent cleaning intervals. Besides, this means that you will be able to pick up anything thrown to the ground more easily before we arrive. In other words, the less time there is between cleaning intervals, the less clutter there will be and your home will remain as beautiful as ever.

2. You don’t have to worry so much about cleaning supplies
By hiring our cleaning services once or twice a week, you do not have to worry about providing us with cleaning implements, we have our own to carry out general house cleaning services, as well as bathroom cleaning services and deep cleaning of the kitchen; among them the dusting spray, glass cleaner and disinfectant. Therefore, you will not need to buy as many cleaning supplies to keep your closet stocked and you will save a lot of money, which can be redirected to other more important needs.

Here at Euro Clean Group Inc. we know which cleaning supplies are the most effective to use in the work and we always try to bring the best ones. Forget stopping at the grocery store so frequently to pick up more cleaning supplies and those deep cleanings that tire you physically and mentally, as we do the dirty work for you.

3. It’s easier to maintain than a monthly cleaning service
When hiring the commercial cleaning services of Euro Clean Group Inc., it is a certainty that a lot can happen during cleaning tasks. For example, if your house has a significant accumulation of dust and you or someone in your family suffers from dust allergies, you may need to clean it every 1-2 weeks to avoid problems.

That means that if you have a professional cleaning service once a month, you will have to do that work the rest of the days of that month. However, by hiring our services once or twice a week, your house will be super clean all month long and you will be able to enjoy a more comfortable and relaxed environment. Contact us now!

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