3 Suggestions for Your Cleanliness and Organization Resolution in 2021

Who does not set resolutions and goals with each new year?  The most common ones usually involve wellness and health.  Living in a space that is free of clutter is not only satisfying, it can also reduce our stress and improve our mood.  Basically, maintaining an organized and clean space in the office and at home, boosts our well-being as well as our health.

If one of your resolutions is to maintain your environment cleaner and more organized, we offer these three important tips.

Create a specific space for everything
The organization is greatly influenced by every item having its own place.  Organizing and cleaning your space is much simpler when there is somewhere specific for everything to be put away.  You can create these using drawers, organizers, bins, and labels, diminishing clutter around the house.

Keep in mind that some items simply belong in the garbage.  Do not be afraid to throw away certain items, following rules you establish like laundry to the basket, random junk to a specific drawer, and mail in the trash.

Contract professional cleaning services
If cleaning is on your resolutions list but not on the list of activities you enjoy, or potentially have time for, you may want to contemplate hiring professional house cleaning services like Euro Clean Group.  Oftentimes, customers end up discovering it is much more affordable than they expected and that it maintains their home significantly cleaner.

Hiring maid service allows you to concentrate on your relationships, your other resolutions, or even organizing spaces that require it more.  You can organize your pantry, sort files, or deep clean and organize a specific area while we take care of the standard cleaning such as vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping, and mopping.

Create a list
Make a list of all the organizing and cleaning projects you would like to accomplish.  Categorize your list by what is the most urgent and what can only be handled by you or what could be delegated to helpers. Share your list with your house cleaning company so they can get with your program!  It will also be satisfying to cross items off your list as you complete them over time.

Euro Clean Group is a leading local award-winning cleaning company ready to gain your confidence. Allow us to assist you in maintaining a healthy home that frees you up to take care of the most important aspects of your life. DIY solutions don’t always work. Use a professional company that offers cleaning services Des Plaines. Contact us and we will clean for you!

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