Your Comprehensive Cleaning Guide

No matter how big or small your home is, it’s going to get dirty from time to time. Beginning with the kitchen, let’s take a look at how to keep your entire home clean. Dishes are a primary focus in the kitchen. This task only takes a couple minutes if you avoid letting them pile up, so try to focus on handling dishes as you create them. You should also clean your sink regularly, focusing on areas like the faucet and handles. Keep your sponges clean by investing in a sponge holder, since these can quickly become hotbeds for bacteria.

Cleaning Every Room, Including the Bathroom and Bedroom

Needless to say, the bathroom should be cleaned as regularly as possible. There are a lot of products specifically designed for cleaning showers and toilets which can make this even easier for you. Same goes for grout and soap scum. In most cases, you can simply apply the cleaning product, let it sit, and wipe it away later, leaving your bathroom sparkling. Hair can get out of control in bathrooms too, so start by vacuuming or sweeping. If you try to mop without having done so, you’ll end up with wet strands of hair all over the place. Try keeping a handheld vacuum in the bathroom so you can stay on top of this!

Bedroom cleaning guide

The bedroom is another important area to take care of. One common piece of wisdom always holds true: make your bed regularly! In addition to what it says about you as a person, a made bed simply pulls the entire room together and creates a clean appearance. You should also wash your sheets regularly, at least once every other week. You should also make it a habit to put away any clean clothes. Dirty clothes should always go directly in the hamper and laundered clothes should be promptly folded and put away.

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